Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Lincoln Bedroom

Here is a virtual tour of our baby boy’s nursery!  The theme of his nursery was gray and teal with chevron and polka dots.  We did a lot of little DIY crafts for his room and it is practically held together with no-sew hem tape. J
We used Chloe’s old nursery furniture for the room and got this fun gray and cream colored rug to put on the newly refinished floors done by Jona.  I found the fun inexpensive crib sheet at Target and I ordered the aqua and gray polka dot fabric for the pillow and crib skirt.  My Mom and I made the crib skirt, spruced up the roller blind and made the mobile over the changing table using no-sew bonding tape.  I bought the changing pad from Etsy to match.  The alphabet letters above the crib were a gift Chloe received from Mary and Justin but she gladly gave them up for her little brother to use.  J Beth found the rocking chair on Craigslist and Paul spray painted it a sunny yellow which also holds the beautiful afghan Grammy made.  Beth also painted an adorable painting that is hung on the wall next to the changing table.  Next to the rocking chair, we hung small book shelves so we can easily grab a story to read to our little boy.  Above the book shelves is a paper name banner and three frames that hold maternity photos that Veronika happily snapped for us. The shelf above the rocker holds a vintage looking bicycle that I randomly found and NEEDED in our boy’s room, a decorative name plate from our sitter, Mary, and a painted canvas that Chloe created.  On the door is an adorable initial sign that matches the room perfectly from Gramma.  The room was put together and created piece by piece with love and purpose throughout this pregnancy by us and the rest of the family.  We can’t wait to share it with “Baby Yincoln” very soon!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Maternity Pictures

We never really ended up taking formal “maternity” photos when we were pregnant with Chloe and a part of me always regretted it.  This time, mainly because we have Chloe, I was determined to get a few photos to mark this time in our lives.  Yesterday after church, Veronika snapped a collection of photos in a matter of minutes that are perfect.  We are so grateful that she is a wonderful photographer who loves to offer up her services.  Thanks, V!

Mother’s Day 2013- 33 weeks pregnant 

pregnancy #2

As everyone says, you don’t do as much preparation and documenting with your second child.  It is definitely not because we think of the process any less exciting, just seems things are busier these days with an almost THREE year old hanging around.  But here is my take on the second pregnancy so far with only 6 weeks to go!
We can honestly say we were just as excited this time around when we found out we were pregnant.  Although not really trying all that long, it was so thrilling and joyful when we finally found out.  This pregnancy has gone by faster when I look at it as a whole but the days have been longer.  I definitely started showing sooner and I feel like I am to the point where I can’t possibly get any bigger, which unfortunately I know just isn’t the case.  I feel like I am carrying different this time around, all in the front! 
In the beginning I was nauseous on and off but never really got “sick”.  I have not really had any cravings and I don’t feel like my diet is much different than it was before I got pregnant but I’m still obviously gaining an appropriate amount of weight. 
He is definitely like his sister and is a mover and a shaker.  He is very active and it is so wild to feel a kick on one side and thump on the opposite side of my belly.  He must really like stretching out.  He also gets the hiccups very, very often like his older sister. 
This time around, people have been more vocal about how I’m carrying…On a daily basis I hear things like, “Wow, you ARE pregnant”, “You look ready!” (I still had 10 weeks to go!), “You are definitely large.”, “When is that baby coming out?”, “Are you sure they have your due date right?”, “How much weight have you gained?”, “Your baby is going to be big!”, and my favorite, “Are you sure you aren’t having twins?”  It’s been lovely.  But in all reality, I know my body is just doing what it needs to do to grow a hopefully healthy and full-term baby! 
We have had his first name picked out since before we knew we were pregnant but only really refer to him as that at home.  It is oddly thrilling when Paul will use his name in conversation.  It’s just a sweet little reminder of who will be here very soon.  Only in the past month have we decided on the middle name.  We have decided to wait to tell, just for fun and keep something a surprise. 
This past weekend we just about finished the nursery.  Just need to put a few photos in frames and organize his clothing and supplies.  We planned and worked really hard on his nursery and it is something that has kept me going throughout the pregnancy.  I planned each detail just as I did with Chloe’s nursery and we are happy with how it all turned out.  You can often find me brushing my teeth while rocking in the rocking chair in his nursery just looking around.  I get so excited that we will have a baby who will be sleeping in that room very soon.
Chloe is definitely aware that a baby is growing in my tummy but I do not think she will fully understand until her baby brother is at home.  We look forward to seeing her become a loving and nurturing big sister.  She will definitely be a little mother hen and I think she will enjoy helping us take care of him.   We do also think she will be a bit jealous.  She has been the one and only for three years, so I can understand why all of the sudden a new little baby that is taking the attention and focus off her would be hard.  A part of us feels sad that she will no longer be our only focus but know it will be great for her to have another little family member to love on.  

Some important dates:
October 22nd: + pregnancy test
October 31st: Told Gramma and Bapa while staying at their house because our power was out for many days. We even have a funny video of the reveal…pretty hilarious.
November 5th: first ultrasound
November 10th: Told the Vincent family and the rest of the Sikora family. 
November 20th: second ultrasound-saw heartbeat and got a due date!-July 2nd
December 18th: third ultrasound
December 29th: felt first REAL baby kick
January 17th: Paul felt baby kick for the first time
January 21st: saw first kick
February 5th: fourth ultrasound- found out it was a BOY!
May 7th: Chloe finally sat still long enough to feel baby move.  He had the hiccups.
June 28th:  Baby’s Birthday-unless he decides to come sooner

Food and drinks that will remind me of this pregnancy:
Nightly sleepy time tea
La Croix- sparkling water
Avocado, tomato and mozzarella sandwiches
Bagel thins and strawberry cream cheese
Kettle corn
Red Apples
Hot Chocolate- addicted in the beginning
Ice water- I could munch on ice chips all day and night

Chloe~Winter 2013

I’m so happy to be writing the winter recap.  We are beyond excited for warmer weather and spring!
Chloe, like every time we sit down to write one of these journals has changed and grown so much.  She is such a little human and it still amazes us how much she is becoming a little girl.  C actually told me flat out, “I am NOT a baby!”  When I was holding her and said, “You are my baby.”  I was a little said to hear her say that but I guess it is good that she is not the baby because we have another one coming in  a matter of weeks! 
The best quotes of Chloe Ann:
“Sorry boss!”-Paul and I asked her to come upstairs and get ready for bed and this is what she responded with.
“Oh man”- When she makes a mistake.
“Yincoln”- The way she says Lincoln.
“No, myyyyyy mommy!!”- Here reaction when Paul gives me a hug or a kiss.  She will do the opposite if I’m giving Paul a hug or a kiss too.
“I go hear the baby boys heart…go beep, beep”- When we are one our way to my prenatal visits.
“Is the baby sleeping?” “The baby likes this.”- Frequently asks and tells me this as she is patting my belly gently and not so gently.
“A baby boy-my Baby Yincoln”- Her response when she is asked what mommy is having.
“That’s fine.” “Mommy, it’s ok.”- When I make a mistake.
“I want to go to the ice cream Shoppe!”- When we pass by Malley’s.
“I want to sit down and eat in a restaurant.”  “But Mommy you said we could.”- She has a memory of an elephant.  She doesn’t forget a thing.
“I want to eat dinart.”= “I want to eat dinner.”
“Snew mick”= “excuse me”
“Daddy’s going to be so happy!”- When she is doing something special, the first time she said it was when she was about to get her haircut.”
“There is a baby boy in my belly.”  “The baby needs a snack.”- Often heard around the house…often before bed…
“Uncle Jona, Uncle Jona”- She will get nakey before her bath, go straight to the mirror and sing and dance this little tune…
“Allllllriiiiiighttttt…”- “I no huff and puffing!” (I’m not huffing and puffing!)- When she is frustrated and doesn’t want to come or follow my directions.  Yes, said in a very teenage-ery voice.
“Oh, -fake giggle- sorry Daddy.”- If she makes a mistake or gets confused by something.
“It’s too loud, I said”- When she can’t hear it and wants us to turn up the volume.
“I can’t like it.”=”I don’t like it.”
“Chair, there, hair”- Said in a southern accent.
“Butter”= any sort of dip
“Humungous”- Her new favorite word to use in sentences.  The best use, “Mommy you are humongous, I am tiny.”  Charming…
She is basically repeating and remembering everything.  It is so funny to hear sound so old and use phrases she clearly hears around the house.  Chloe still loves to cuddle and will often come into bed with us in the early hours of the morning.  She loves when we make hand puppets of dinosaurs and pretend to chomp at her.  She LOVES the iPad, DUMBO!, puzzles, playing house-she is always the mommy, playing with her princess castle, playing doctor, dress-up and swimming. 
Chloe is quite the pistol and can be very bossy.  Her sitter refers to her as the cruise director/party planner of the group.  She is not afraid to tell you what to do and how to do it, adults included.  She has a very active imagination and it is cute to see her acting and playing more like an older kid.  At the sitter she also has a boyfriend, Ryan.  Supposedly they crack each other up and what one does the other follows.  On Valentine’s Day, of all days, Mary caught Chloe take Ryan’s face with both her hands and laid a big kiss on his lips!  We had to chat with her about how you can give hugs but not give kisses like that to friends…oh brother!
Chloe is funny about my hair and will often times tell me to put it up in a ponytail.  Most days when you ask what Chloe would like to wear she says, “A pretty dress.”  If I am wearing a dress to work, she most definitely needs to be wearing a dress.  She often will tell me, “I like your dress, Mommy.  It’s very pretty.”  She also still lvoes to have her nails painted.  She is definitely a girly girl right now. 
Chloe is pretty good at recognizing her numbers, shapes and letters and is constantly pointing them out when she sees environmental print.  It is exciting to see her mind working that way.  Chloe also read her first word recently.  I have a mug that I eat cereal out of frequently and one morning she pointed to the letters on the mug, c-o-f-f-e-e.  I told it her is said coffee.  From that point one when she saw the word she recognized it as coffee.  The other day, I asked her (without the mug) what does c-o-f-f-e-e spell, and she looked up and said, “coffee!”  She still loves books to be read to her and she has started “reading” books by looking at the pictures and repeating what she remembers and what she sees in the pictures.  This makes her reading teacher mommy proud.
Chloe is typically going to bed around 8:30 and trying to stall for as long as possible.  She often needs to use the potty, needs a drink, needs to wash her hands, needs one more kiss..” She is waking up once a night to use the bathroom but most times goes right back to bed, as long as Daddy isn’t the one to get up.  He is the softy.  She is still waking up between 6:30-7:30 and is taking a 1 ½-2 hours nap daily.  She has yet to get her two-year molars and seems to be getting longer.  She is still wearing 24 month/2T clothes and size 5 shoes.  Her favorite shoes, are her “cherries boots”.  They are her rain boots, should be interesting to see if she still insists on wearing them in the summer. 
We think Chloe is going to be a great big sister.  She is absolutely smitten with babies and it is so cute to watch her interact with them as if she is an adult.  You will often see and hear her rocking the baby saying things like, “It’s okay baby, I’m here.”  We are excited to see if she has the same reaction to a baby brother who doesn’t ever leave.  
Next time we do a recap, baby Lincoln should be real close to arriving and we can’t wait!