Wednesday, December 21, 2011

eighteen months

We are the proud parents of a one-and-a- half year old!  Sounds so crazy to write.  Chloe Ann is a funny little lady and knows it.  

As you can see, it is becoming harder and harder to get C to stay still long enough to snap a picture.  Below are some of the many out takes.  

 peek-a-boo is much more fun

Here is a list of the fun things C did this month.
-She is sleeping from 7:30-6:30.  We tried moving her to one nap but still wasn’t ready.  She is napping at 9:30 and 2:00.  For 1.5 -2 hours at a time.
-When Mommy lays her in her crib at night she will giggle, look her in the eyes, and then say “night-night.”
-She still sucks her right pointer finger to soothe herself to sleep and will usually cover her eyes with her left arm.
-She only has 8 teeth.
- She loves to eat anything, especially pretzel rods, cheese sticks, asparagus, noodles, beans…
-She found our Christmas candy jar and will try to sneak an M&M any chance she gets.  We caught her one morning with a ring of red and green drool around her mouth…who knows how many she ate.
-New words: Paul, what’s that?, there it is, over there, no mah duba gubadaduba (no more monkeys jumping on the bed), ABBAHH (Abbe from Sesame Street), bless you, Will, Grayson, and nope
-She has just recently learned to climb on the couch by herself, on the ottoman, and on the dining room table.  (I think Isa and Gabi may have taught her this trick last weekend.) She is so proud of herself when she gets to the top of the table.  It is hard to reprimand her because it is so cute.
-Loves to take the junk mail and rip the envelopes into tiny pieces.
-She loves to color, especially with markers! She holds pens and markers like she's really planning on writing something.
-She loves to go into the basement and play on her horse and with Daddy’s guitar.  She thinks it is fun to drop the pick in the inside of the guitar over and over - followed with an "Oh, no!?"  If anything happens serious or not C will say “Oh-NO!!” while making a dramatic frown face.
-She likes kicking her soccer ball around and playing catch.
-Chloe likes to stack her blocks and knock them down.
-She likes to do puzzles.
-She still LOVES books and doesn’t mind if you read the same ones over and over.
-She likes to pick up a phone say “hi...yeah...bye!”
- She loves to do her advent calendar each night before bed.
-She loves to sneak into her bedroom and turn on the space heater.
-She loves to play with her cousins and will get nice and loud.  It is neat to see her playing on her own with them in the basement.
-She hates to ride in a shopping cart and want you to hold her while she pushes the cart around the store.  She’s a rascal.
-She loves purses!!  We definitely have a girly girl on our hands.  She will carry her lunch bag as a purse and does not like any help with it.

Mommy is officially on Winter break!  We are looking forward to spending time with the family and relaxing!  Happy Holidays!

 1st snow of the season.
 Cheese face bright and early in the morning.
 Visiting Mommy at work and helping her grade papers and work on the computer.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

We haven't had any snow YET but we are getting ready for the holidays.  Chloe loves going outside to look at the lights.  She will point and jibber jabber away.

Today, after watching Jenny's wonderful performance Chloe was able to meet up with Santa.  She wasn't too impressed.

Chloe+Malley's=Messy Baby

Last night we took C to get an ice cream sundae.  Our waiter gave her her very own spoon and she just dug in!  We are pretty sure she had more on her than in her mouth.    

 Finger licking good!