Saturday, March 24, 2012


This past week we went and spent five days with Mary, Justin, and Mira in Florida.  We had a blast with them all!  It was a relaxing time spent at the beach, by the pool, walking, eating, and talking.  Mira and Chloe had a great time together.  We even got a taste of what it will be like whenever Chloe has a sibling.  C was a bit jealous of M and was a little confused when she didn't get all the attention. :)  Thank you to J, M, and M for a great spring break.  Looking forward to the next time we see you.  

Ready for take off.

Matching outfits.

Uncle Justin is so funny!

Cutest wedgie.

Sharing her sippy cup with "the baby".

Pretty Mira.


C enjoying her gossip magazines by the pool.

*And yes, Mary was with us.  Just no pictures with her.  :(

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dance? No da-da, no! Actually, let's dance.

The music should be played on her terms and no one else's.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just C

Our camera had been broken for awhile and now that we have a working one we are a little picture snapping happy.  Here are some of our favorites over the past week.

LOVES taking a bath.

Not really excited that we had to wake her up to leave the house by 7:30.

Loving the warm weather and playing outside.

Best. Picture. Of. Chloe.
Showing her sheer excitement and joy from the leaking hose that was spraying on her face. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

First Family Yearbook

We did it!  We finally created our first family yearbook.  We had a Groupon that was about to expire so we kicked it into gear.  This book chronicles our family from when we first found out we were pregnant until Chloe's first birthday.  We are so pleased with it and love how it has turned out.  Chloe loves to sit and look at all the pictures.  We are looking forward to creating a new one each year to have as a keepsake.  And seeing as Chloe is close to two, we will need to be making another real soon!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Twenty months

Chloe is twenty months old! This month she has really turned into a little girl and continues to crack us up.
But she has been quite a rascal about napping for Mommy and Daddy on the weekend…only 20 minutes all day!  It is rough going from two two hour naps to one MINI one.  We are trying to get her on a one nap a day schedule like she does during the week but she seems curious as to what her folks are up to and won't shut it down for some shuteye.  

Chloe is still eating very well.  Some of her favorites this month are bananas and apples.  She would eat them nonstop if we let her.  She also tried and liked chili and enchiladas.  She must not mind a little spice.
She continues to jibber jabber away having serious conversations that clearly only she understands.  Some of her real words this month are otay (okay) when we ask her a question, I go on walk!, IPhone, and remote.  She has also started calling me Mommy when she really wants or needs something.  And she loves to “talk” to our family pictures and point to different family members.  When Chloe is asking for something that she knows she is not allowed to have or is silly, she will ask with a funny smirk on her face.  She does especially when she asks for her favorites, Bubble Guppies and Sesame Street at the silliest times.  She'll ask at the dinner table or as we're laying her down for bed -- "I watch Sessie."  She knows the answer, but loves asking and doesn't mind getting a big no way!

She is getting better at playing independently and still enjoys coloring, puzzles, books, and playing with our magnet letters.  She thinks every shape is a circle and every letter is an A, B, or C.  Chloe is in love with a baby at the sitters.  She will help the sitter feed and hold her, play peekaboo, and constantly say “hi, Baby!”  I have also gotten down my old cradle and she love to wrap her toy babies in blankets and rock them in her cradle.  “rock-a, rock-a baby”  She will even get in herself and ask to be rocked.
She has started with NO WEEE (no way) when we ask her to do something.  Daddy will ask for a kiss and she'll say Nooo weeeee and run off.  She also gets her WHYs and WHATs mixed up a lot.  When we holler CHLOE! from another room - she answers WHY!  She also likes bringing us our towels when we turn off the shower.  She'll be talking away beside the shower curtain and the minute we turn off the water, she scurries off to pick up our towel and hand it up.  

She loves to take baths and will cry when we take her out, enjoys playing hide n seek, and loves to show you her head trick.  She will put her head down on the carpet and her feet on the ground and will stick her arms straight out and balance.  She has even managed to roll over and do a summersault.  She is still enjoying Little Gym but isn’t as good at listening to the instructor.  She would much rather go around and explore on her own.  Chloe is also funny when she runs.  She will run headfirst with her arms back as fast as she can.  She looks very similar to a little birdy ready to take flight.  

Lastly, Chloe loves to cuddle with us in bed and will lay and kiss us.  One morning, she didn’t want me to get out of bed and cried each time I did.  Finally I snuck out so I could get ready for work.  She is definitely a little love bug as long as it's her idea.  We are so excited that we are headed to Florida to see Justin, Mary, and Mira in a few short weeks!

Off to meet Bapa in space.   

On her iFohh.  She is tech savvy and requests the iFohh if she hears a phone ring or ding.

First real pony. 

One of my Florida beach outfits.

Ready for a walk! pants required.