Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from the Vincents

    Here is our little bumblebee.
C from last year. :)

Woody and Jessie.  Handmade costumes thanks to Veronika's craftiness.  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

She likes her sweet treats...

Chloe does not miss a beat.  She is definitely like her Mommy and likes her sweets.  I gave Chloe some whip cream one day last week and she seemed confused, didn't seem to like it all that much, and spit it out.  But when Paul got home from work she rushed to the fridge, pointing, and talking.  When Paul opened the fridge she pointed and grabbed the can of whip cream.  Now each night she wants just one squirt of cream.  Tonight, I go it on tape.  Funny Baby!

Friday, October 21, 2011

sixteen months

Can it be possible another month has gone by?  Chloe is sixteen months old today!  I seriously feel like we just wrote her last month entry.  Chloe continues to be into everything and acting more and more like a toddler and less and less like a baby.  It makes us sad to think that she is no longer a baby but it continues to be fun to watch her grow and experience things for herself.
Chloe continues to love reading and the reading teacher in me loves it and thinks it is so cute.  She is happy to read book after book and it is really exciting to watch her point to words on the page as if she is following along.  She will also point to different environmental print like signs and when she is going through our mail.

Some new words this month are down, no (clear as a bell like a feisty young girl), tickle, tickle, tickle, and book. She loves fake laughing and acting like she knows what the adults are talking about.  
Chloe has been really fascinated by the falling leaves and watching them blow around in the street.  She also gets so excited and happy when the wind is blowing in her face.
Chloe is so funny in the morning when we have to wake her up.  She will kick and straighten out and huff and puff like a teenager and be real grouchy until she gets her morning milk.  She is still drinking from a bottle in the morning and evenings and will refuse it if we don’t warm if for her.  Yes, she has got our number.  If she is drinking her bottle and a light turns on she will be quick to get her one free hand up to eyes to cover them.
Chloe also loves the stairs and has mastered coming down them on her bottom or backwards.  She loves to crawl up our stairs and look out over the little ledge and giggle at herself.
Chloe loves to pick up “garbage” and throw it in the trash can.  I caught her one time throwing a five dollar bill away.  We definitely need to keep an eye on her.  She will also randomly walk to the kitchen and if the door to the basement is open she will close it for us.  She sure is a funny one. She also loves to take our keys and press the lock button which makes the horn go off.  When the horn goes off she will open her mouth into a circle, take a deep breath, and look at us.  She loves to also try and reach on her tip toes and stick the key in the door knob as if she is unlocking it. AND ANOTHER thing is that she is quick to pass over the phone when it rings or dings.  If either one of our phones makes a sound, she stops what she's doing and hustles over to retrieve it for us.  We love it.  

Chloe still loves Sesame Street especially Abbey and Elmo.  The other day I was wearing a shirt with red writing and red pants and she kept pointing to both saying, “Elmo?, Elmo!”
Shortly after her fifteen month birthday we took her for a well visit.  She was weighing 20 pounds and 3 ounces and is 29 inches long.
Stay tuned for our little bumblebee come Halloween!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bucket List: Run a marathon-check!

Today Paul and his brother, Adam, ran the Columbus Marathon.  This was the first marathon for Paul.  They both did great!  Paul is sore and said that it was the hardest thing he's ever done.  Actually he said that "law school was a piece of cake compared to running 26.2 miles" BUT also said he will do it again.  Paul's parents, Cara, Chloe and I all went to cheer the boys on.  Cara found them at the start, mile 8, 12 and 26. We were able to catch them at mile 20 and at the finish.
 In all of Paul's running career I have only seen him race one other time.  The first was his personal record mile race.  Today made me so PROUD of him and made me wish I had been able to cheer for him more during college.  All of his hard work has paid off and he can now check it off his bucket list.
 Daddy's biggest cheerleader.
 Brother Adam and Paul together every step of the way!
 Quick nap before the finish.
 Coming into the finish line.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Over the past month or so we have been trying to get back into working on things around the house.  We have been inspired by blogs and of course, pinterest.  Well Paul hasn't been inspired but he just goes along for the ride.  :)

We painted the back of our fireplace shelves an olive green.  The same color as the one going up the stair hallway.

We repainted our kitchen hardware.

Updated our old brass light fixture with a coat of spray paint.

Made a decorative grocery list board with an old picture frame and some fabric.

And lastly, painted OUR bedroom.  It was basically the only room that we hadn't done much of anything to.  We Painted it a nice taupe color and plan to make a fabric headboard and add some more decorations.  Paul and Tobin have already agreed to help cut the wood for me!

Above is a sample of the fabric I plan to use for the headboard.

Painted the built-ins which took an annoyingly long amount of time.

high pony

Last Friday we watched Will, Isa, and Gabi so T and V could get some dinner for V's birthday.  It was a fun night and the kids had fun playing together.  I also did all the girls' hair.  I gave them the Aunt Kateri's special...high pony tails!