Wednesday, March 6, 2013

nursery progress

One of the exciting things about finding out the sex of our baby was so I could get started on the new nursery.  I love decorating and always have ideas floating around in my head.  Baby #2 was no different.  I may or may not have been thinking about possible nursery ideas since before we found out we were expecting.  We have decided on paint colors and Paul has started patching up the walls.  We are on our way! 

Some of the many paint samples on the walls. 

The two paint colors we picked.  Light gray on top and a tealish/slate /navy on bottom.   Also some of the accents, gray and aqua (of course) polka dots, chevron,  and ABC's.

Jona helped us get a jump start on the nursery.  He refinished the floors in the nursery, C's room, front entry and kitchen.  
changing pad and crib sheet
Paul says I'm a dork but I love just peeking in the completely unfinished room and get giddy thinking about what it is going to be and who we are preparing it for. 

Beth found us this $20 craiglist treasure that I'm going to paint a fun color.  

23 weeks...Paul affectionally says my belly is "widely large".

Chloe is definitely getting excited about her new baby brother.  If you ask her, she also has a baby boy in her belly.  Her baby often is "sleeping", "kicking"-she puffs out her belly and "is hungry and needs a snack".  We talk about her baby brother daily in hopes that she will be excited to have a baby come to stay this summer.  We think she is going to be a great little helper and "mommy"!

Chloe's first real haircut

Two weeks ago, I took Chloe to get her first haircut in a salon.  I had given her trims two times before but never took her to a hairstylist.  Chloe's hair had gotten real long but really thin too, so I decided it was the day to get a cute little bob.  After all she is only two and I will only get to pick her hair style for so long.  
Chloe when she was given her first hair trim by me.  So little. 

This is her waiting just before we went back to get the cut.  She was so excited and kept telling me that, "I'm getting a haircut!  Daddy is going to be so happy!"

The hair stylist needed C to look down.  The following pictures  were her making funny faces with my phone camera. to keep her busy and looking down.  

She was so proud and has enjoyed the extra attention from her new do.