Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Christmas season has arrived

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, we have started working away on getting ready for the Christmas season.   This year has been especially fun since Chloe is now starting to understand that something REALLY cool is going to happen sometime soon.  When we were getting the ornaments out of the box she would make all sorts of goofy noise.  She has also taken to Christmas songs quite well.  Here she is singing some Holly Jolly Christmas...

We're not really too sure what her plan was with the pants, but I'm sure she had an idea.  Here is some other decorating that's taken place around Parkside Drive.   Out of tradition, we slogged down to where we used to live to pick up our tree from Kreigers.  We met Uncle Adam, Aunt Cara and baby Reid and helped them pick up a tree, too.  We may not have mentioned it yet, but Chloe couldn't be more happy with her new cousin Reid.  You should ask him.  He's been smothered by Chloe since birth.  Here's the tree!

Notice the itty bitty stocking hung by the chimney with care.  We're worried Santa won't see it.  Chloe will make sure to leave a note.  She's very bossy.

Kateri made this banner for our front window.  You'll see the tiny version of it below.

TA DAH!  After a few shots at installing lights across the gutters like we always do (and I look death into its eye each time) we decided to mix it up.