Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree. Oh, Christmas Tree.

Yesterday, we took a drive to Kriegers, a local grocery store and garden shop in Cuyahoga Falls.  It is just down the road from our old apartment.  We have made it a tradition to get our tree from there for the past three years.
C last year.

This year Chloe was a big help!  She loved running around the tree lot getting wet and muddy.  We picked another cute tree that fits perfect in our cozy living room.  

We set up our tree last night and decorated it today.  Chloe LOVES the round ornaments and literally squealed with excitement when we brought them out last night.  We will definitely be reminding her not to take the "balls" off the tree and throwing them.  

Sunday, November 20, 2011

seventeen months

Chloe is 17 months old today!  She is hilarious and continues to crack us up.  The highlights of this month:
          She loves throwing things in the garbage can in the kitchen.  Yes, still money…
          She loves climbing the stairs and about half-way she will turn and say, “bye-bye”.
          She loves playing hide-and-seek.
          She is definitely a Mommy’s girl this month and will randomly put her hands on my cheeks and give me a kiss.  She follows me all around the house and loves to watch me put my make-up on.
          She started saying her first sentences!  “Mama I want water.” “I go with you.” “I don’t know.” "What is this?"  She also loves to randomly go around saying the same phrase over and over, "Ah-Ba-Daaaaa!" 
          She has a new love, Bubble Guppies.  She calls it “Bubba Guppas” The sitter says she will dance and sing along to the opening song.
          I gave her her second haircut this month.  I may have gotten carried away and cut it much shorter than I had intended but it still looks adorable.
          She loves to take her socks off when she is in her crib for nap time.
          She loves our phones and has learned to unlock them.  When she does something to change the screen she will say “uh-oh” and bring us the phone.
          She loves drawing and coloring.  She was caught doodling on Bapa’s office walls.
          She loves to rock in rocking chairs.  She will rock back and forth while saying, “rocka-rocka”.
          She loves our ruffled pillows and will put them on the ground, lay her head down and say “night night”
          If you are “sleeping” she will come up and give you a kiss to wake you up.
          If you ask her a question she gives you a “yeth” or a “noooo”. 
          She will leave the living room and stand by the fridge or cupboard and say “nack” (snack) over and over until we come out. 
          She will find the remote wherever it’s laying and put it in our lap and say either “theth’y” (Sesame Street) or “Bubbagubbah” (Bubble Guppies). 
 That's her new cheese face.


 Showing off her new haircut while she puts daddy's change in her piggy bank.

 Night-night.  Loves for mommy to tuck her in and play her music.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Little Helper

Chloe loves to do anything we do and will try to "help" us all the time.  We caught her taking some measurements for drapes and putting together some bunk beds.