Monday, June 18, 2012

our little sunshine is two!

Thanks to Veronika, she was able to capture Chloe perfectly on her special day!  Here are just some of the pictures from her family party on Saturday.  Cannot believe that two years ago tonight Paul and I (let's be honest - all Kateri) finished a full day of labor and were on our way to a c-section for the arrival of our most beautiful little lady at 3:52 am.  We feel so lucky that for the past two years Chloe has brought us so much joy and love.  We look forward to watching Chloe continue to become a strong, kind, smart, and happy girl!

Some of Chloe's favorites at two years old:
being outside, walks, bike rides, swings, slides, sesame street, doro (Dora), the iPhone, beans, macaroni and cheese, bagels with cream cheese, dancing, telling others to dance, snacks, books, jumping, coloring, painting, cousins, sucking on her finger, sitting in the driver's seat, shoes, pack packs (back packs), sunglasses, and painting her toes.

What Chloe gets from her Daddy:
her dramatics and humor, mouth, kind heart, lounging, snacking, being a social butterfly, straight hair

What Chloe gets from her Mommy:
feet, bucky, stubbornness, lounging, snacking, snuggles, snuggles only on her own terms, and eyes

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our little "reader"

Chloe is a big fan of books and she decided it was time for us to do the listening.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Twenty-three months

Our little lady is 23 months!  She is doing more and more tricks and things that make us somehow love her more and more.  She is chatting away lately and has started to say more  names.  Her newest are Wall-Will, EC-Isa, Rakaka-Veronika, Bince-Vince, and Meow-Meow- Mia.  It is quite cute to hear her talk about her cousin and aunt and actually know who she means.  She is getting better and better at repeating things we say and we will see her stop to concentrate on saying something she doesn’t know how to say.
Chloe has always been a big music fan but more recently she has really seems to love Adele.  She can hear just the music and she will dance and put her hands in the air.  She also loves to sing along and gets upset when the song is finished.

C has green/blue eyes and sandy blonde hair that is getting long which only makes her look older and older.  She loves to “pick-out” her outfits and shoes and will always point to the one she wants.  When I hold two outfits up and say, “which one?” she without a doubt says, “a purple one”.  She loves purple all of the sudden although she does not know it as the color, just the word.  She also likes to say, “aww” when I come out in a dress or a skirt.

Chloe was able to try out her pool, which she loved and espically enjoyed when Gramma poured water over her head.  She also had a chance to play on the slip and slide and had a blast with some of her Columbus cousins.  I am looking forward to getting a Bay pool pass this year, so she can enjoy the kiddie pool this summer.  She also loves playing on her new-to-us swing set.  Her favorite is the slide.  She also enjoys to swing and will always say, “a back momma, a back” meaning push her harder.  She will also say “a sit momma, a sit” when she wants me to swing on the one next to her.  She thinks it is really fun when I actually do it.  She has been quite the cool kid on the block and is always trying to get our neighbors, Ella and Alex, to come to our backyard to play with her.  She has also become a little rascal and will go out the back door on her own to get to the swing set or if she is outside will go in the garage and let herself inside in a blink of an eye.  She will sneak upstairs and we will catch her pressing all the buttons on the fan in our bedroom.

She is still a great sleeper and is easy to put down at night.   She will usually pretend read after we leave and pull “you are my sunshine” music.  The cutest thing she does now is when the music stops she will get up to pull the string and lay back down.  She will repeat this numerous times before she falls asleep.  Another thing she really likes doing is at bedtime she begs us to read books and lots of them.  Rarely, is she satisfied with reading just two or three.  Even as we head out of the room she says "I want a book mommy daddy."  Of course, she likes her one-year book which is about the size of her and put on a shelf next to our fireplace.  So when she remembers she really likes the book she asks over and over until we bring the thing down and look through all the pages of pictures.  

She's getting a little taller.  We can only tell because now her little arms can reach above her head.   She does a lot more running up and down the sidewalks -- leading to lots of boo boos.  She can't have enough bandaids on her legs -- or stickers as she likes to call them.   While outside, she likes asking for her glasses and makes sure she's wearing them upside down.  She's a big helper outside.  She helped lay mulch in the front and throws away lots of things in our yard waste.  She really likes raking and brushing with her little pink tools and huffs and puffs like she's really working hard.  She likes smelling flowers and requests bubbles every time we're outside.  When a dog comes down the sidewalk she yells out "a foo foo!"  We have one neighbor with two tiny dogs and Chloe especially likes when they come over.  Their names are LuLu and Lizzy.  The last thing we can think of for her outdoor activities is asking to be let in the front seat of the car for some driving.  She climbs all over the place and hates when we pull her out. 

It was a busy month with lots of new tricks.  We can't believe she's almost a two year old, but it really is fun watching her rascally personality grow each and every day.  Here are some pics from the month. 

She really likes getting out her crayons and coloring 

Quite the helper with watering the plants

Likes goober'ing up the camera

Cheese smile please and thank you

Love my new swing set! 
Has to go down the street to the water.  That's our house in the background.  

You guys can leave.  I'm just going to stick around the lake, thanks. 

That Grampy is pretty darn funny 

Fun with the slip n' slide!

This is the life.