Tuesday, January 8, 2013

C is a BIG girl!

I had a great winter break this year with Chloe.  We had a lot of fun together and we were able to accomplish two big milestones over the break.  Chloe transitioned into her big girl bed and is now wearing big girl undies.  We have been wanting to switch her to her bed for awhile and we decided to wait until Christmas break in case it would have not gone well.  We made sure to make a huge deal of her new bedding and she "helped" us take down the crib for the new baby and put her new bed together.  The next day we also bit the bullet and decided to put her in underwear.  At her first nap she refused to put on a diaper and we went with it and then again at night she insisted, "I wear my undies! No diaper."  Again, we went with it.  From that point on she was insulted if we suggested a diaper.  She is doing a great job in her bed and undies.  She has only fallen out of bed a time or two and had an accident a few times but is catching on.  Our goal was to have her transitioned and trained by the time the new baby comes and we are hopeful she is on her way.  Such a big, little girl!

BIG girl bedding!

Cutest little bucky!

our newest miracle in the making

On Monday, October 22nd we found out we were pregnant with our newest miracle in the making.  After wanting and wishing for a while we had decided not to "try" to get pregnant this month because it would be the start of summer and I again would not technically get a maternity leave but surprise! You had other plans.  We were in the middle of watching the third presidential debate when I took the test.  After not seeing a double line in the first two seconds, I was immediately negative and went on and on about how its better that we weren't pregnant this month, yada, yada, yada... But Paul, the voice of reason, chimed in and said he hoped we were pregnant and that it would be perfect timing.  A few minutes later I peeked again and saw a faint second line!  We were both shocked and automatically giddy, excited and in disbelief.
Because of our previous miscarriage last May, we were sent to get blood work to check my numbers and sent to a very early ultrasound.  I was only 5 weeks along and everything had looked good but they could not detect a heartbeat. Ugh...deflating.  More positive blood work and an ultrasound the following week, we had a strong heartbeat, 123 and a July 2nd due date!  It felt just as exciting as when we went to Chloe's first ultrasound.  When we were 12 weeks along we went back for another ultrasound and everything looked perfect!  The baby's heartbeat was a strong, 156.  While the technician was measuring and checking on things the baby stayed still with its hand held near its face.  We were even able to see a 3D view of the baby.  We look forward to seeing more of those as the baby continues to grow.  After the technician was finished our doctor came in and asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby! We immediately said yes.  Our doctor is known to make a prediction that is correct 80% of the time and is done by measuring a certain angle of the baby.  Our perfectly compliant baby that previously didn't move, decided to have a dance party and was moving all around.  The doctor was not able to get a clear measurement and we will have to wait until February 5th to find out, GIRL or BOY!  We were spoiled last time by knowing at 13 weeks, so I guess it is only fair that we will have wait and build our anticipation until 19 weeks this time around!  Just about everyone is thinking BOY but for some reason I think girl.  Either way we are so excited and can't wait!  We are looking forward to meeting this little one around June 25th. We will be having a scheduled c-section this time around because I structural can't deliver naturally.  I am oddly excited that this baby will have a June birthday just like Chloe who was born on June 19th.

12 week 3D ultrasound

10 weeks
15 weeks
December 18th ultrasound

After I picked Chloe up form the sitter on the day of the 12 week ultrasound our car ride went something like this:
Mommy:  Chloe do you want to see a picture of our new baby in Mommy's tummy?
Chloe: Yes!
I hand the ultrasound picture back to her.
Chloe: OH MY GOSH! Awwww, Mommy!  It's booafull!  It's really booafull!  (beautiful)
Mommy: Do you love the baby already?
Chloe: Aww Mommy, cute baby.  OH MY GOSH! It's really booaful!
Then I quickly called Paul to tell him the sweetest thing I had ever heard.  I so wish I had it on tape.