Sunday, July 28, 2013

1 month

Dear Lincoln Callahan,
Wow, one month old already! We can't believe how fast the past four weeks went. You have definitely grown this month.  At your one month well visit you weighed 9 pounds 14 ounces, 61 percentile and were 21.5 inches long, 58 percentile.  It's no wonder that you have gained so much, you like to eat.  From the day you were born, you always seem to be famished and ready to eat at any moment. You have also been called on more than one occasion a barracuda. On average you eat every two hours and even when mommy takes the time to burp you, you get really upset and will wiggle while mommy tries to get you to burp.  We started to notice as the days went by that you seemed to get really fussy if you weren't eating or sleeping and would spit up a lot.  We felt terrible and we tried everything to make you feel happy.  In the evening you'd also get really sad from 8-10 and nothing we could do would make you happy.  At your one month check up mommy chatted with the doctor and she witnessed you upset and decided to put you on some medicine for reflux.  You have been on the medicine for a little over a week and you are a whole new baby.  You are much more happy and alert while you are awake.  You continue to like to eat every two hours, even at night! You are going to bed between 10-11 and will get up around one, three and five.  It is crazy that you know when it has been two hours since the last time you ate and often will get up two hours later to the minute.  Although you seem to be a little more feisty than your big sister you are very lovable and enjoy to be held and to soothe yourself with a pacifier.
One last thing we discovered when you were first born was that you have a heart murmur. The nurses and pediatrician noticed it when you were only two days old.  Mommy even got to hear it.  When she listened to your heart she could hear a whooshing sound each time it thumped.  A few tests later the doctors discovered that you have two small holes in your heart. When your were two weeks old we met with a cardiologist and he was pretty confident that the both should be closed by the time you are two years old.  You will need to see the cardiologist every couple of months to monitor your heart.
We look forward to seeing how you continue to grow and your personality changes.
We love you very much!
Mommy and Daddy

Below is a collage of our favorite 4 photos from each week.  It's amazing to see the change each week.

First 4th of July

First night/morning at home.

First bath at home.  In our bathroom sink.

Look just like Daddy.

First attempt at tummy time.  Not a fan.

First dip in the pool.

So much bigger in one short month.

Friday, July 12, 2013

newborn photos

Aunt Veronika came over and took your newborn photographs when you were only 10 days old.  You were quite alert in the beginning and after a nap, was a little bit of a rascal.  Even though you made it a little tricky, Aunt Veronika was able to capture some very adorable photos.  Here are just a few of the over 100 she snapped.

Thanks, Aunt Veronika!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On the morning you were born.

Dear Lincoln Callahan,
On Friday, June 28, 2013 you made your grand entrance into the world.  You were born at 10:06 a.m. weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces and 19 inches long in length.  Mommy and Daddy had anxiously awaited your arrival for many days and months leading up to your birthday and were beyond excited to finally meet you.  Mommy had a scheduled c-section for 9:30 a.m. and arrived at the hospital at 7:30 a.m.  We left your big sister, Chloe, at home with Grammy and Grampy and headed to the hospital.  Although the surgery was a bit intense, you were finally out and greeted us with a loud cry.  The second we saw you we laughed and cried out of joy that you were healthy and looked almost identical to your older sister.  The only difference was that you had a full head of dark brown hair.  Mommy was able to give you kisses for a few minutes and then Daddy held you skin to skin while they finished the surgery.  You were a little piggy from the very beginning, trying to nurse on Daddy's shoulder. Every nurse and doctor in the room commented on how alert and cute you were. We had to agree.
After the surgery everyone went up to the recovery room and Mommy was able to hold you for the first time.  She could not believe that you were born with so much hair!  Gramma and Bapa quickly came to recovery room to meet you for the first time.  It didn't take much time at all before they were completely in love with you too.  As we headed up to our hospital room, Mommy got a little sick and unfortunately  that lasted most of the day.  Later in the afternoon, Grammy and Grampy brought Chloe up to meet you. She was in love from the minute she saw you and couldn't wait to get her hands on you and shower you with kisses.  She was also very interested in taking the camera to snap some photos of you.
They next day, after mommy was feeling better, Aunt Ashley, Aunt Jessie, Aunt Jenny, Aunt Veronika and Uncle Tobin came up for a visit.  Gramma and Bapa made sure to visit each day and to bring your proud big sister.  It was so nice to have visitors and it was especially nice and comforting to see Chloe so happy and eager to love you. After three nights at the hospital, we were more than ready to get home.  We were greeted with a decorated house and an excited 3 year old.  That evening Aunt Cara, Uncle Adam and cousin Reid came over to meet you.
We are now adjusting to our new and bigger family one day at a time and trying to enjoy each day.  Mommy and Daddy feel so blessed to have you and Chloe in our lives. It's funny how in love we are and we have only just met you.  We feel complete and we are anxiously excited to see what the future holds for our growing family.  We love you little Lincoln and look forward to watching you grow and experiencing many firsts with you.
Mommy and Daddy

A day before you came into the world.  You took up a lot of room in Mommy's belly and everyone made sure to tell her about it. 

On our way!

One last hug and smooch from our C.

Daddy dressed and ready for surgery.  He quickly held you on his chest as  quickly as the nurses would let him.

Mommy ready to meet you and ready to not be pregnant anymore!

7 lbs 7 oz-19 inches long

Chloe on the left and you on the right as soon as you both were born.  You look strikingly similar  to your older sister.

Here is the 1st picture your Daddy sent out to introduce you to all our family and friends.

Here is a picture of you getting your first bath and not happy about it.

First of many kisses from Chloe.

Big Sister

Grammy and Grampy and Chloe-She looks quite excited to meet you.

Gramma and Bapa

Aunt Jessie

Aunt Ashley and also you future Godmother. 

Uncle Tobin

Aunt Veronika

Aunt Jenny

Your proud big sister.

Mommy and Daddy

The bottom left shows you sucking your index finger just like Chloe.

You look just like your Daddy.

Here you are all dressed and ready to head home for the first time.

Aunt Cara
Uncle Adam also your future Godfather.
Cousin Reid, 11 months older.

Chloe's nicknames for you: sweet baby, my baby, little one, little buddy, buddy boy, brother, baby Lincoln - She is often talking to you in a high pitched voice, smothering you with hugs (more like head locks) and kisses.  She loves to give you the binki and has even requested and did a pretty good job at changing your diaper.  I think you lucked out and got a sister that will always love you and protect you.

Fun facts:
We stayed in the same recovery room AND hospital room that we were in with Chloe.

Your Daddy named you.  Lincoln is a name he suggested a long time before we were even pregnant and Callahan after Grampy's mom's maiden name, your great grandma.

You were exactly a pound heavier than your sister.

Your umbilical cord came off before we left the hospital...thank goodness.