Sunday, April 14, 2013

spring break 2013

A couple of weeks ago I had my spring break.  It was the last spring break just the two of us, mommy and Chloe.  We didn't really have much on the agenda for the week except for a wedding on Easter weekend.  Chloe and I spent extra time playing and cuddling together.  We had a play date, went to the library, organized the house, painted the living room, worked on the nursery, went to Columbus and Virginia and relaxed.  It was a quick week but a fun one!
just Chloe, my growing belly and me

nesting- painted dining room during C's nap

DIY-crib skirt, painted book shelves and frames for nursery

C was caught jumping in the crib...not happy

sneaky rascal stole Daddy's phone

car trip to Brett's Virginia wedding

pulling over on the turnpike to use the potty

swimming at the hotel

27 weeks!

dancing, dancing, dancing

this was the night after the fun week...I spent so much time cuddling next to her and listening to her sweet voice talk about her cousins and all the fun she had

Sunday, April 7, 2013

fifth anniversary

Friday was our 5th anniversary!  Unfortunately Paul had been out of town for work all week and only got home at 9:30 that night but we still managed to celebrate.  On Saturday we dropped Chloe off at Bapa's house and went to Crocker Park for dinner.  We went to Brio for the first time (thank you Uncle Joe) and our meal was fantastic.  We both agreed that it was the best meal we had ever had at a restaurant.  We also did a very anniversary type thing and stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond and bought an extra set of silverware.  Somehow we have managed to only have about 5 spoons left of our originals we received when we were married.  Luckily, they still sell our set and we just needed to buy one set.  We also walked around a few stores together.  We hardly go out just the two of us and we both agreed that it was a perfect date night, even if we were home and in our PJ's by 9:30.  
first photo together- New Year's Eve~2003, engagement~April 2007, marriage~April 2008, and Chloe last week
Chloe is wearing the spiffy red flannel that Paul was wearing on the night he first introduced himself to me 2 days before Christmas break started in December 2003.

tulips from Paul, "5" decoration I made for Paul and pictures of us when we were dating, our wedding and honeymoon

only picture of us from the weekend

Chloe needed a picture with Mommy before we left for the night.  She saw I was wearing a dress and quickly picked one out to wear to Bapa's.  She also picked out those bright yellow pants, Finding Nemo socks and her white Easter shoes.  :)