Monday, April 18, 2011

ten months old

Cheese face!

Chloe is ten months old today!  I think we say this every month, but this was a big month for Chloe.  She hit many new milestones and it has been fun watching her new found independence and maturity.  This month started with Chloe crawling for the first time.  The Monday of my Spring Break and after her nine-month birthday, she figured it all out.  She has been crawling all around and has managed to find and fiddle with everything you may not want her to touch.  Chloe does seem to understand the concept of  “no” but will flash us a little grin and most times do it anyway.  Chloe also loves to stand.  She has been cruising all around our ottoman and will go from the couch to the ottoman to the floor.  She is pretty savvy at getting where she wants to go.  She also loves to walk behind her stroller and try and hit the button to make the music play.
Chloe’s daily schedule changed this month too.  She is typically going to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 and will wake up around 7:00.  She is taking a morning nap around 9:00 and a longer afternoon nap between 1:00 and 2:00.  She is no longer taking her evening catnap.  Chloe is now only nursing in the morning and before bed and typically eats three 4-6 ounce bottles during the day.  She is eating three meals a day, although I think she would be up for food at any point of the day if we offered it to her.  She loves fruits and vegetables and will try anything.  She is also now eating larger pieces of our table food.  She will eat cheerios, rice, pasta, cheese, and yogurt and has only tried some meat.  We’re not sure where from, but somehow she finds ice cream and a pieces of donuts and really likes those, too!  She loves to try and eat anything we have and it has been fun to see her learn to eat the different textured foods.
Another milestone this month was the growth of her two bottom teeth.  Luckily she didn’t really seem too bothered by their arrival.  She also cruised on her first jog with Daddy.  She went from nearly snoozing to singing away.  Her chubby cheeks caught a lot of wind and we look forward to enjoying that more in the summer.   
Chloe will definitely mimic your sounds and actions all the time.  We will squeeze both our eyes shut and she will follow. If you click, she will.  If you are chewing gum, she will mimic as if she has a piece of gum.  And most recently she has started to mimic mommy’s hand gestures.  We started noticing her turning her hands as if to say, “I don’t know why.” And we wondered where she got that from until one day I was telling a story to daddy and we noticed her watching me and moving her hands all around like I was.  I pretended to continue the story while she mimicked me.  We have started to introduce some signs to Chloe.  Gramma is also working with Chloe during the week.  The main ones being, all done, more, mommy, and daddy.  On a few occasions it seemed as if she signaled more but it may have been a coincidence.  Chloe is becoming very vocal too.  She now says what sounds like, “ hi dad”, “Baba” for Bapa, and “all done”.  She does not say all done with meaning but will mimic the words all the time.  We are still working on her saying “Mama”.  When you ask her to say it, she will look at you and say, “Dad”. –lil rascal!
Some funny things she does that we want to make sure to remember are: her standing and walking all around her crib; sitting up in her crib talking to herself and playing with her blanket; her cheese face-scrunching her nose and mouth up while squinting her eyes; posing for pictures when she sees a camera; laughing at other babies in church; taking off her socks in the car; loving the “C” song on her baby CD; clicking the computer keys at any chance she gets; puffing air in and out of her mouth; looking like puppy when she crawls on the wood floors and falls flat on her belly; fake laughing when she hears us laughing; using her wrist to get a piece of food in her mouth before it falls out; laughing hysterically at her shaking sippy cup; her chubby cheeks; still sucking on her pointer finger; pretending she is shy with strangers and nuzzling into mommy’s shoulder; smiling for back-seat pictures for Daddy (I say smile for Daddy and she whips out her cheezy smile).
It was another great month with sunny days on the horizon.  We are looking forward to plenty of walks and runs with her in the stroller, swimming lessons and being outside this summer!
so sleepy!
"I don't know why."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Small frame, but powerful giggle.

At the end of a long day and after a nice warm and sunny stroll to the lake, Chloe got a case of the giggles.  Some of it had to do with her goofy Dad's odd faces, but most had to do with her being a touch slap-happy/cute as a button.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

first haircut!

Last night Paul and I gave Chloe her first hair cut, well really just a trim.  The back of her hair was longer on the sides and the middle was still pretty short, so we evened it up.  We think she looks adorable.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Seasons change over night!

Today was a perfect day for church and brunch with Gramma and Bapa, sitting on our deck and starting to work on our landscaping.  We also enjoyed the beautiful weather with a long walk around the neighborhood.  It was such a wonderful feeling to see the sun and the lake.  It makes us really excited for the summer!

Just a few days ago...full winter gear.
 Little rosy cheeks
 Today the sun was shinning in 80 degree weather!
 We like this much better!
 Even got sun burn on our white bodies!!

Watching Mommy and Daddy work in the yard.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Once a Month~We can give.

It is easy to forget how fortunate we all are. This site is dedicated to help us remember that there are those who have not been given such great fortune. Please find it within yourself to make a small donation to a cause on this blog. A new worthy cause will be updated on the first day of each month.

Monday, April 4, 2011

third anniversary

Vrooooooooom!  Time continues to fly by and we continue to feel more and more blessed.  Since our special day we have somehow wiggled our way into a perfect house, great jobs, and the best darn baby in the world.  We couldn't feel more lucky and be more thankful for the good that has fallen our way.  To those who read our blog (the 1-4'ish people out there) we owe much of our thanks to you.  Our family and friends have helped make our marriage as good as it gets and the example set by our parents has been invaluable.  

The easiest lesson learned in the past three years -- marry your best friend.  It makes time vrooooom right by.

Cheers to three years and to dozens more! 

We have had a ball.