Monday, September 19, 2011

Today Chloe is fifteen months old!  Every month goes by too quickly but this one especially went too fast.  With school starting, we have spent the month getting into a routine and Chloe has had to adjust to going to a new sitter three days a week.  We are very fortunate that Gramma is still watching her the other two days.  It took a couple of weeks for Chloe to get used to going to the sitters and would cry the first couple of weeks when we dropped her off.  Still when we pick her up, she runs into our arms and looks so happy to see us.  She is making a lot of new friends.  She has a favorite girlfriend, Charlie and a young boy who is smitten with her, Holden.  She is the youngest of the children that are with her at Mimi’s house.  (Miss Mary)  The other children range in ages from 2-5.  

We have definitely noticed that Chloe’s socialization and vocalization has really picked up this month.  She will jibber jabber all the time and talk with you like she really is telling you a grand story.  It has been fun to hear her express herself when she wants or needs something specific.  Her words include: ma-ma, da-da, Bapa, amma (Gramma), bamby (Grampy), apple, more, all done, bye-bye, key, yellow, hi, yes, no-no, uh-uh, mi-mi, bubble, thank you, grape, help, up, ouch, wa-wa (water), bottle, Elmo, Seasy (Sesame Street), nose, eyes, mow (mouth).  She also has learned different animal sounds for dog, cat, monkey, lion and duck.  When Chloe is hungry or sees foods she will say, mmmMMMMMmmmm!,  in a real loud, high-pitched sound.  It is the funniest when she does it as we go around the grocery store.  She will also go and stand in front of the refrigerator when she is hungry and do the same thing until we come out to the kitchen. 
Chloe definitely loves to eat and will eat at any time of the day.  She loves to feed herself and she is messy but getting better at trying to use utensils.  She will eat just about anything and her most favorite this month is corn on the cob and sweet potato French fries.  She will sit and eat it right off the cob until every last corn kernel is off using her seven tiny teeth.

Chloe’s typical schedule is waking up around 6:30 and going to bed at 7:30.  She is napping 1 ½-2 hours around 9:00 and then again around 1:00.  We are thinking she is transitioning and changing her schedule right now but she still may be getting used to her busy days at the sitters.  

The school year is going really well so far.  With the new sitter just a half mile down the road, it has been nice to get out the door fifteen minutes later at 7:30.  My schedule is slightly different this year too and I am usually picking her up by 4:15.  We are spending at least an extra 45 minutes with Chloe due to closer sitter and my school schedule.  It has been great to get the extra time in the evening!  

Chloe is walking and running all over the place and is usually interested in getting around by herself.  She does not like getting in her car seat and will fight us and stand up so we can’t get her seat belt on.  It is currently a battle that she is clearly winning.  She also does not like taking walks in the stroller and will cry to be let out.  She is fearless and will run down the sidewalk and try to get to the street.  Her feet are still so tiny that she tends to move faster than she can balance and has fallen face first.  Ouch!  She is still a flirt and will dance, giggle, and walk up to just about anyone too. 

Chloe has really gotten into books and is easily occupied by them for long periods.  She will walk up to you and jabber a nonsense command meaning “READ!”.  When we say, “Read, please?!”  She will usually say something in jibberish again but clearly signaling, “read, please.”  She loves Baby Giggles, Bathtime Words, Baby Einstein Words, How Big is Baby Elmo? She will continually bring you the same books and want you to read it to her over and over.  She loves to sit on Paul’s lap and each time he reads, she will look up and watch his mouth move as he reads.  

Chloe is also in love with watching Sesame Street.  She will bring you the remote and “ask” you to turn it on.  When she is watching it, she is in the zone and seems to not even blink.  

We keep saying and remarking that Chloe is definitely not a baby anymore.  She is a toddler and she is getting so big.  She is just so funny and has such a sweet personality but already we know we have our hands full.  She wants what she wants, likes what she likes and prefers to do it all by herself.  
Just before bed.
After dinner walk!

Woof woof!

Off to the library.

Sesame Street is on. 
Doing some rockin'.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dinnertime Chatter

Chloe is becoming quite the chatterbox and we were finally able to get it on tape.  She was chatting her way through dinner and pulling out all her "talking tricks".

Our favorite is that Chloe thinks that when we ask her to say "please" she says "more".  Silly girl.

As you can see she is all about feeding herself and she thinks the messier the better.  :)