Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper

Chloe has learned  how to pick up after herself recently.  Although, it's not all that helpful -- but darn cute!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Today, Chloe is fourteen months old.  Our little girl is definitely a toddler and is walking all over the place with a mind of her own.  She has such a vibrant personality.  Most times when she meets someone she will act shy and then flash her cheesy grin while crinkling her tiny nose.  When she smiles she has two top teeth and two bottom with a third top and bottom starting to pop out.  She is teething and constantly has her hands in her mouth anytime she’s not laughing out loud or barking orders.  She has been waking up for the past week at midnight on the dot crying.  As soon as you pick her up she rests her head on our shoulder and falls asleep.  It’s hard to not be able to do anything for her when she is in pain. 

This month Chloe has really become a mommy’s girl.  She will reach up for me and cry if she is not in my arms.  She is now showing more and more excitement when we walk in the room and will give you a hug and kiss.  In the mornings Paul will bring C into our bed and she will just kiss, kiss and kiss me.  She has now mastered the kissing with her lips puckered and she even makes a, “Mmmmm’woh” sound. 
Chloe is not a big fan of milk and she seems to be drinking less and less during the day.  We are still offering her bottles but we are really working on using strictly sippy cups.  She has started to get better but has yet to become all that interested.  She is eating just about anything now and her favorites are macaroni and cheese, string cheese, tomatoes, peaches, pears, grapes, corn, beans, cereal, and oatmeal.  She will still try just about anything but will say, “uh-uh” if she is finished and doesn’t want anymore.  She will also say, “uh-uh” to just about any question you ask her except if you ask if she would like to go outside she will say, Yeah, yeah” real quick.  Her vocabulary is pretty much the same as last month but she is more willing to attempt saying or mimicking anything she hears.  The cutest being Millie and Gabi.  You can tell she is trying hard to say it but can’t get it out. 

She does pretty well at responding to questions like, “What does a puppy say?”-“waa,waa” (woof, woof).  If you ask where a certain body part is she will typically point to her face because she knows that is what you are asking.  When you ask her for a piece of something she will gladly feed it to you.  If you ask her to get her shoes she will go and find them and then sit down and hold up her leg. 
She is very funny and thinks everyone is playing a big game of hide-and-seek.  She is becoming more and more of a rascal in stores, wanting to get down and run around.  She is still very intrigued with stairs and will climb up them at any chance she gets.  She also really likes the down stairs bathroom and will get real quiet if the door is left open.  She will usually be heading to try and flush the toilet. 
She does not like hearing no and has started to throw temper tantrums.  She will arch her back and collapse to the floor.  We are currently working on stopping that and work on sharing. 

Chloe loves watching Sesame Street and will immediately stop crying if she hears it come on.  She also enjoys playing with her toys independently for short periods of a time.  She especially likes putting her big coins in her piggy bank, playing with balls, and knocking down her stacks of blocks.  She has started to bring me books but usually will get distracted with something after I start to read to her. 
This month we went to the beach and she loved the ocean.  If we let her she would probably just have kept walking to the water.  She was not afraid of the sand and had a good time playing with her cousins.  She is especially fond of her baby cousin, Mira and older cousin, Gabi. 

Monday is the official start of another school year. I didn’t get as many house projects done as I had hoped but I sure did love spending everyday with Chloe.  I feel fortunate that I have this break during the year.  I am anxious about the start of this school year but will just have to take it one day at a time.  Fingers crossed Chloe does well at the new sitters!

Silly girl
I like drawing and painting with Mommy

They fit!

We had lots of fun at the beach

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slumber party in North Canton

Kateri and I made it out to North Canton for a wedding and made a nice weekend out of it by staying the night.  It was our first night away from our little rascal, but we made it without bothering Mom and Dad too often with check-ins and picture requests.

We cruised around Walsh where we met and spent some swell times as responsibility-free kids.  We wandered up to the dining hall and over to the library.  It was nice doing tons of nothing.
Met Kateri on these steps

Proposed over here'ish